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About us

Wilhelmus Westerhout (born in The Hague Holland in 1957) has been employed in the graphic arts industry since 1979. He started as a typesetter and successfully  finished a training as planography mechanic. After this he completed his schooling with management,  logistics and commercial trainings.

For many years he used to work at a medium sized printing house in The Hague as calculator, order supervisor, salesman and finally manager.

By  marriage he moved to Reichshof- Wildbergerhütte Germany , where he joined one of the leading printing companies in the field of notebooks and pads for the catering- and hospitality industry.
Following  the takeover of this company he decided to start his own firm; "Wilhelmus Westerhout Druckservice" in may 2011. Due to his extensive experience in the printing and advertising industry and his reliability, this young company has been able to build a solid customer base instantly.

Wilhelmus Westerhout Druckservice is able to offer you  a multitude of products such as:

● Business Cards
● Flyers
● Posters
Pin fed Forms

Also prints on t-shirts, counter cash dishes and car advertising are possible.

We are specialized in making  notebooks for waiters and pads for the catering- and hospitality industry, as well as cube pads, coasters and drip catchers in all sizes and variations.
All for reasonable prices.
Our customers include breweries, mineral water springs, beverage wholesalers, taxi companies, wholesale- retail- and pharmaceutical industries.
The above products are just a sample of some of the printing jobs we can work with you on. If you have specific questions about the type of printing methods , please contact us. Every job we work on is handled with a high level of professionalism and communication to ensure that from the first meeting to the delivery of your final product you feel comfortable with the work we do and choose us for all of your printing needs.

We will be happy to provide you with an offer without any obligations.